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One week and the frame is up!


Day 1 -  Delivery of all components to site in our own trucks and construction begins.


Day 3 -  All walls erected ready for roofing, breather membrane on.


Day 5 -  Roof trusses installed, preparing for inspection and completion.

When it comes down to price...

We simply can't be beaten!

If you compare our quality and value for money with our competition you will be amazed at how we do it! However it's simple, with our immense buying power our raw materials are coming in at considerably lower prices - we just pass on this huge benefit to our customers!

Structural Detail

4 ttimber frames pictures

We are used to working in partnership with architects and once we have final plans we can then provide detailed structural calculations beyond and in compliance with Building Regulations.

Questions about getting started?

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Talk to us now and let's start turning your dream into reality! We can help with your self-build from day one providing advice, structural calculations and design ideas.